$100M Distributed for Wisconsin Housing and Community Development: Your Hometown’s Share

$100M Distributed for Wisconsin Housing and Community Development: Your Hometown's Share

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has provided Wisconsin with significant financial support for its housing and community development projects. The state received over $62 million in community planning and development formula grants, in addition to an aggregated $34 million from other HUD grants. These funds are geared towards funding public services, enabling resident-led improvement projects, and bolstering housing programs throughout Wisconsin.

Let’s delve a little deeper into what this financial support means for the state of Wisconsin:

Community Planning and Development Formula Grants Explained: Community Planning and Development Formula Grants represent federal funding aimed at creating safe and affordable housing and broadening economic opportunities for individuals with low-to-moderate incomes. These grants are diverse, encapsulating community development block grants, HOME investment partnership grants, emergency solutions grants, housing opportunities for persons with HIV/AIDS, and housing trust fund grants.

Community Development Block Grants: These grants, originating from HUD, are given to city and county agencies with the intention of invigorating neighborhoods, enhancing small business prospects, supporting community centers, and augmenting public facilities and services. Projects funded by these grants can vary widely, including renovation of public libraries, redevelopment of vacant buildings, road improvement initiatives, and water infrastructure upgrades.

HOME Investment Partnerships: In these partnerships, states and municipalities typically collaborate with local nonprofits to aid in the construction, purchase, or rehabilitation of affordable housing for both renters and homeowners. The allocated funds predominantly support low-income households, and can also be leveraged for direct rental assistance.

Emergency Solutions Grants: These grants have a specific purpose in financing emergency and transitional shelters. They facilitate the rehoming of homeless households, prevent impending homelessness, and conduct street outreach to those currently without a home.

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