$20 Million in HUD Grants Allocated to New Hampshire

$20 Million in HUD Grants Allocated to New Hampshire

Communities across New Hampshire are set to benefit from a substantial injection of over $20 million in housing aid, provided in a fresh cycle of funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). This sizable sum is part of a broader nationwide disbursement of housing funds designed to improve living conditions and support vulnerable populations.

In a more comprehensive context, HUD will be allocating an impressive total of $5.6 billion to approximately 1,200 communities scattered across the United States. This significant national investment underscores the government’s commitment to tackling housing issues and bolstering local economies.

Marion McFadden, the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Community Planning and Development, highlighted the transformative potential of this funding in her announcement. According to McFadden, these funds grant communities the flexibility to address their unique needs. This includes constructing new homes, supporting existing renters and homeowners, offering crucial assistance to those experiencing homelessness, enhancing public facilities, bolstering community resilience, and driving local economic growth.

The breakdown of the $20.1 million designated for New Hampshire is as follows:

  1. Community Development Block Grants: A total of $12.6 million will be allocated to these grants, which are aimed at promoting the development of housing in the state.
  2. HOME Investment Partnerships Program: $5.5 million will be assigned to this program. The HOME program is a key instrument used by states and local governments to foster the creation of affordable rental and owner-occupied housing for low-income families.
  3. Emergency Solutions Grants: $1.1 million will be directed towards these grants, which provide resources to assist in the management of local homeless shelters. This funding also supports related social services and programs designed to prevent homelessness.
  4. Recovery Housing Program: Lastly, $930,886 will be allocated to this program. The funds from the Recovery Housing Program are targeted toward ensuring stable, transitional housing for individuals in recovery from substance-use disorders. This program reinforces the commitment to provide supportive environments for those undergoing recovery.
$20 Million in HUD Grants Allocated to New Hampshire
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