$20K Grants for Roof Repairs Now Accessible to Low-Income Long Beach Households

Long Beach California Home Assistance Fund


The city of Long Beach California has expanded its grant programs to help low-income residents preserve affordable housing by providing funds for roof repairs and replacements. Eligible homeowners can receive up to $20,000 to cover the cost of the roof work.

To qualify for the grant, the home must be a single-family residence and the owner’s primary residence. In addition, the program has income restrictions, and the household must make less than 50% of the area’s median income, which is $59,500 for a family of four in Los Angeles County.

The grant program is currently focused on neighborhoods with racially and ethnically concentrated poverty and those identified in the city’s “Place-Based Neighborhood Improvement Strategy.” These neighborhoods include the majority of the Westside, South Wrigley, Washington, Sunrise, Hellman, and St. Mary neighborhoods, as well as smaller portions of the Upper Westside, Carmelitos, and College Square.

To apply for the program, applicants must provide proof of income, including any pension, disability, Social Security, or supplemental income they may receive. Homeowners must also obtain three bids from roofing contractors for the necessary roof work and select the contractor of their choice. Once a contractor is chosen, a contract will be signed between the homeowner and the contractor, and the city will pay the contractor as work progresses.

The grant program has a total budget of $500,000, which will be disbursed immediately to eligible homeowners. The program is part of a broader effort by the city to provide affordable housing options to its residents. In addition to the roof repair grants, the city offers low-cost loans for home and apartment building repairs and rebates for upgrades to home appliances such as dryers, water heaters, and gas stoves.

Long Beach hopes to expand the grant program to eventually cover all of its neighborhoods, but for now, it is focused on assisting those in the most need. Homeowners in eligible neighborhoods are encouraged to apply for the program to help preserve their homes and ensure their safety and well-being. More information can be found on this link.

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