$28.8 Million Housing Grant Secured by South San Francisco

In a major stride to alleviate the prevailing housing crunch, South San Francisco has been awarded a substantial state-funded grant of $28.8 million. This funding is earmarked for the creation of 158 affordable residences as a segment of an upcoming 800-unit housing development located in the Sunshine Gardens district.

The city has joined forces with BRIDGE Housing, a nonprofit organization committed to developing affordable housing. The plan is to metamorphose a vacant 5.9-acre area at 1051 Mission Road into a bustling community. This initiative will deliver benefits beyond affordable housing, including provisions for child care for over 70 children, nearly 900 parking spaces, and a market hall designated for retail establishments. These details were announced in a press release issued on Thursday.

Mayor Buenaflor Nicolas lauded the collaboration with BRIDGE Housing in the press release, highlighting the advantages it brings in terms of increasing the availability of affordable housing and converting an unutilized area into a productive space. The Mayor further extended her appreciation to the city staff for their diligent efforts throughout the grant application procedure.

The innovative project will incorporate around 1 acre of publicly accessible open space, set to feature a public courtyard, a picnic spot, a small plaza linking to the market hall, an adult fitness station, and a play area for children. Acknowledging its close proximity to the Centennial Trail, the project plans to enhance the trail and ensure easy access to it by constructing a bridge connecting the Kaiser property and a pedestrian pathway from Mission Road.

BRIDGE Housing applauded the state’s financial commitment towards infrastructure enhancements, predicting that it would serve as a blueprint for future transformative development emphasizing public benefits. “We’re thrilled to bring 158 affordable apartments to the South San Francisco community,” said a representative from BRIDGE Housing.

In total, the state distributed over $825.5 million in funding to 58 jurisdictions via four programs, which are projected to build 9,550 homes. This comes as a part of a novel funding approval process intended to circumvent the need for developers to lodge multiple applications. The county has already received nearly $43 million through the California Multifamily Super Notice of Funding Availability. Other beneficiaries include the 71-unit Cypress Point development in Moss Beach, which was allocated $17.8 million from the state and $5.5 million from the county. A 72-unit apartment proposal in Daly City received $3 million to supplement the county’s $9.5 million contribution, while the 69-unit Eucalyptus Grove proposal in Burlingame was granted $22 million from the state and $5.7 million from the county.

Councilmember James Coleman took pride in the city staff for securing the largest grant in the state for affordable housing. “South San Francisco is dedicated to addressing the affordable housing crisis and building a community that is financially accessible for all residents,” Coleman stated.

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