800K in Solar Grants Announced by PSE for WA

$800K in Solar Grants Announced by PSE for WA

Bellevue, Washington, Puget Sound Energy (PSE), in a recent announcement, disclosed the provision of over $750,000 in grants. These funds aim to aid nine organizations and tribal communities, facilitating the development of solar projects across five counties.

The beneficiaries of these grants include non-profit entities such as the Bonney Lake Food Bank, Vadis, and South Puget Sound Habitat for Humanity. These organizations have a pivotal role in the community and are revered for their impact and services.

These solar projects, which are facilitated by PSE’s generous grants, are predicted to yield approximately 450,000 kWh. This level of energy production can equivalently power 43 homes, indicating a considerable contribution to the overall energy output. Notably, the installation of solar panels will provide a dual advantage for these organizations. While enabling a considerable cut down on energy expenses, it will also assist in reducing their carbon footprint, thus promoting an environmentally friendly operation.

Mary Kipp, PSE’s CEO, expressed her contentment over the distribution of grants for new solar projects to non-profits and tribal communities within their electric service domain. She said, “The funding, sourced from Green Power and Solar Choice participants, offers a tangible means for us to collaborate towards a cleaner and more equitable future.”

The grant recipients are anticipated to partner with local solar companies to install new solar panels. These include well-renowned firms like A&R Solar, Western Solar, and South Sound Solar. The installations are scheduled to be completed within the year, augmenting the renewable energy sources within the region. Meanwhile, PSE has announced that the next round of grants is slated for the summer, reflecting its ongoing commitment to clean energy.

The organizations that were conferred with funding for new solar projects include the following:

  1. Bonney Lake Food Bank
  2. Community Action of Skagit County
  3. Medicine Creek Enterprise Corporation
  4. North Kitsap Fishline
  5. Skagit Valley Neighbors In Need
  6. South County Area Human Services Alliance
  7. South Puget Sound Habitat For Humanity
  8. The Suquamish Tribe
  9. Vadis

These organizations are now on the path to incorporating solar energy into their operations, a move that brings them closer to sustainable operations and a reduced carbon footprint.

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