A Milestone of Success: Patronis on the My Safe Florida Home Program

A Milestone of Success: Patronis on the My Safe Florida Home Program

This week, Florida’s State Chief Financial Officer, Jimmy Patronis, proudly spotlighted the remarkable achievements of the My Safe Florida Home program. This initiative has been instrumental in assisting Florida residents in enhancing the resistance of their homes to storms, all while enjoying reduced insurance premiums.

Just last year, the Department of Financial Services unveiled this home fortification program, offering homeowners in Florida complimentary home evaluations that pinpoint potential storm mitigation tactics. Moreover, the program provides funding to implement these protections, resulting in lowered home insurance fees. The program underwent further expansion in its eligibility criteria when Governor Ron DeSantis approved House Bill 881 in May. To find out more about the workings and benefits of the My Safe Florida Home program, individuals are encouraged to explore MySafeFLHome.com.

Elaborating on the ongoing issues of a rigid property insurance market in the country and a notably active hurricane season experienced in Florida, Patronis emphasized the urgency to utilize every available resource to assist insurance consumers in reducing their premiums while securing their homes against adverse weather conditions. “The My Safe Florida Home program has shown to be hugely beneficial,” Patronis asserted, pointing out the successful installation of impact-resistant enhancements such as windows, doors, and garage doors in many Florida homes.

Since its inception in 2022, the program has seen the approval of close to 19,000 grant applications and conducted over 70,000 gratis home inspections. It has also allocated upwards of $189 million for home reinforcement grants. This initiative has enabled participants to lessen their insurance premiums on average by around $1,000 yearly. Patronis emphasized the crucial need for the initiative’s continuation and funding in the upcoming year to accommodate the over 800 new applicants eager to reap its benefits. He extended his gratitude to Governor DeSantis and the legislature for their dedication and expressed anticipation for continued collaborative efforts to reinforce Florida residences and diminish premium costs for homeowners.

Key figures to note about the program’s impact so far include:

  • 70,392 free home evaluations concluded
  • 18,900 approved applications for home-strengthening grants
  • $189.3 million reserved for home hardening grant funding, pending allocation to designated policyholders upon job completion
  • $1,032 in average annual home insurance premium reductions

To understand the program in greater detail, you are invited to visit MySafeFLHome.com.

Numerous prominent individuals have voiced their support and encouragement for the My Safe Florida Home program, underscoring its positive impact on Floridians. Insurance Commissioner Michael Yaworsky and Insurance Consumer Advocate Tasha Carter praised the initiative for aiding consumers in both safeguarding their homes against storms and securing savings on their insurance premiums.

Leaders from various organizations, including Jeff Jackson from PGT Innovations, Kyle Ulrich of the Florida Association of Insurance Agents, Michael Carlson representing the Personal Insurance Federation of Florida, Rusty Payton from Florida Home Builders Association, and G. Mike McGraw of Florida Realtors, conveyed their appreciation to CFO Patronis and his team. They highlighted the program’s role in promoting home hardening solutions, enhancing home values, and fostering a stable insurance environment in Florida. They urged Floridians to avail themselves of the program to protect their significant financial investment – their homes and applauded the combined efforts of all involved in fortifying homes against future storms and lowering insurance premiums for homeowners in the state.

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