Affordable Housing Boost: Jackson Pursues $10 Million Federal Grant

Affordable Housing Boost: Jackson Pursues $10 Million Federal Grant

In a remarkable collaboration between the Jackson Housing Authority and the City of Jackson, a visionary initiative is on the horizon. This ambitious project, dependent on securing a $10 million grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, seeks to construct 40 single-family homes, addressing the pressing need for affordable housing in the city.

Jackson has long grappled with housing challenges, and this collaboration, aptly named the “Pathways to Removing Obstacles in Housing” grant, holds the promise of transforming the housing landscape, particularly in the vicinity of the Oman Arena. Astonishingly, nearly 70% of the residents in this area are renters, highlighting the urgency of creating homeownership opportunities.

The grant application submitted by the city underscores the transformational potential within the Oman Arena sub-area. Over the past few decades, this neighborhood has faced substantial disinvestment, marked by blight, vacant properties, and a concentration of public housing units dating back to the pre-1940s. Additionally, a significant portion of the population consists of low-income and impoverished renters, underscoring the critical need for intervention.

A driving force behind this transformative project is Jackson’s Chief Innovation Officer, Lauren Kirk. She articulates the broader vision of the grant, which extends far beyond housing. Kirk envisions the grant as a catalyst for building community resilience, reducing the financial burden of homeownership through low-interest mortgage options, and safeguarding against displacement.

“We aspire to reinvest in the heart of our city, ensuring that every neighborhood in Jackson becomes an affordable, inclusive, and resilient community,” Kirk passionately shared. The endeavor not only aims to provide affordable housing but also to create vibrant and thriving neighborhoods that reflect the diversity and strength of Jackson’s community.

This collaborative effort represents a pivotal step in the city’s journey towards a more equitable and resilient future. With the potential for this grant, Jackson is poised to address its housing challenges head-on, creating a better quality of life for its residents and revitalizing neighborhoods that have long awaited transformation.

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