Arkansans Displaced by Storm May Find Relief through FEMA Assistance

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) released a statement on Monday, addressing the residents of Little Rock City, Arkansas, who have been forced to abandon their homes or apartments due to severe storm damage. They have conveyed a potential for providing aid and assistance to Arkansans impacted by this unfortunate event.

FEMA clarified that landlords, due to circumstances beyond their control, might have had to request their tenants to evacuate their residences, irrespective of the extent of damage caused to the specific units. These renters, as a result, could qualify for FEMA’s disaster assistance program, which aims to offer financial help during such difficult times.

Furthermore, individuals who have already sought FEMA’s aid and were subsequently asked to vacate their damaged properties should take immediate action to understand what further aid might be at their disposal. They are encouraged to directly contact FEMA or visit any FEMA Disaster Recovery Center to obtain comprehensive details about the potential help available.

In certain cases, some residents might have been deemed ineligible for FEMA assistance initially. However, if they have been forced to abandon their homes due to damage, FEMA emphasizes that they should still reach out and explore the assistance options available.

In terms of specifics, FEMA shared that renters could be eligible for grants aimed at providing disaster-related assistance. These grants are designed to cover various aspects such as:

  1. Rental of a new residence, in cases where their former home has been rendered uninhabitable due to the disaster, or when their home or apartment complex is undergoing repair work attributable to the disaster.
  2. Medical and dental expenses that arise directly due to the disaster.
  3. Child-care assistance, to help families manage their children’s needs during the period of disaster recovery.
  4. Moving and storage fees, which might be incurred as a direct result of the disaster.
  5. Replacement or repair costs for essential personal property lost or damaged in the disaster. This includes items such as appliances, furniture, textbooks, and computers used by students, and work equipment or tools used by independent contractors.
  6. Repair or replacement costs of vehicles damaged by the disaster.
  7. Funeral and burial expenses related to the disaster, offering financial relief during an emotionally challenging time.

This comprehensive support from FEMA aims to help the residents of Little Rock City navigate through these challenging times and recover from the disaster.

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