Attention Manteno Homeowners: Your Property Tax Relief is Here!

Attention Manteno Homeowners: Your Property Tax Relief is Here!

Good news for Manteno residents—your village is once again rolling out its popular Property Tax Rebate Program this year. Initially designed as a financial cushion for homeowners, the program continues to offer a tangible way to ease the stress on your wallet.

The Clock is Ticking: Deadline Approaches

The window for application submissions isn’t open-ended; you have until 4 p.m. on October 31 to get your forms in. So, if you’re eyeing those savings, it’s best to act quickly.

Are You Eligible? Here’s How to Qualify

To be eligible for the Property Tax Rebate, you’ll need to meet a few specific criteria:

  • Residency for the full year: You must have been living in your current home throughout 2022.
  • Submit Tax Details: You will need to provide a copy of your 2022 property tax bill that will be payable in 2023.
  • ID Verification: A valid Illinois driver’s license or state ID card is required for everyone named on the property tax bill. Make sure the address on your ID matches the property for which you are applying.

How to Apply: It’s Easier Than You Think

You can download the application form and guidelines directly from the village of Manteno’s official website, under the ‘Residents’ and ‘Forms & Applications’ sections. Everything you need to apply is available at your fingertips.

Missed the Deadline? Sorry, No Exceptions

Late submissions, unfortunately, will not be entertained, so make sure you mark that deadline on your calendar.

Need Help? We’ve Got You Covered

If you have questions or need further clarification, the village has several resources available. You can visit the Village Hall at 98 E. Third Street, open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Or, head back to the village’s website where a wealth of information is available.

Village Administrator Chris LaRocque echoed the community’s sentiments in a recent press release: “We’re fully aware of the financial hardships our residents could be experiencing. Our Property Tax Rebate Program is tailored to alleviate some of that burden and provide the extra financial support needed. We strongly encourage everyone who is eligible to take full advantage of this program.”

With the Property Tax Rebate Program, Manteno Village continues its commitment to the well-being of its residents, offering tangible financial relief. Don’t miss your chance to benefit!

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