Columbus Residents, Here are 11 Programs for Rent, Mortgage, and Utility Assistance

Columbus Residents, Here are 11 Programs for Rent, Mortgage, and Utility Assistance

Residents of the Columbus area who are struggling to cover their bills should know that they have several options available to support them. A range of assistance programs has been put in place, some long-standing and others more recent, to offer relief in challenging times.

While these programs aren’t all new, recent surges in federal support due to the coronavirus pandemic have expanded their capacity to aid those who are struggling. These initiatives include rental, mortgage, and utility assistance programs, designed to help eligible residents keep up with or pay their outstanding bills.

Each of these programs operates under its own set of income prerequisites, with many tied to either a percentage of the federal poverty guidelines or the local median income. These prerequisites help ensure that the aid is targeted at those who need it most.

At the time of writing, all these programs were accepting applications, unless otherwise indicated. It is crucial, however, for potential applicants to understand that while these programs are designed to aid as many individuals as possible, submitting an application does not guarantee receiving assistance. Each program has a limited pool of resources and must prioritize the most pressing cases.

The application process for these programs may necessitate a variety of documents not mentioned here. These could include documents for verifying identity, lease agreements, and specific forms for rental assistance that need to be completed by a landlord. To obtain comprehensive information and a full list of requirements, it’s best to visit each program’s website or directly call the provided contact numbers.

It’s also worth mentioning Rentful—a collaborative initiative led by the City of Columbus, the Franklin County Board of Commissioners, and the United Way of Central Ohio. Rentful provides valuable insight into the application process and offers guidance for those seeking rental assistance.

One key recommendation from Rentful is not to apply for multiple rental assistance programs simultaneously. Doing so could potentially slow down the application process. The initiative serves as a helpful guide through the entire application process and can be accessed at The purpose of Rentful and other similar programs is to provide relief and guidance to residents, helping them navigate financial difficulties more effectively.

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