Commission to Decide on Grant Possibilities for Home Repairs

During the Montgomery County Commission meeting held on June 6th, Grants Administrator Regina Walker presented an opportunity for the county to avail of a $500,000 Community Development Block Grant.

This significant grant would be geared towards residents living in the unincorporated regions of the county, providing them with the financial means to undertake necessary home repairs or renovations. Nevertheless, there would be a requirement for applicants to shoulder 10% of the overall cost of repairs, with the remaining 90% covered by the grant.

Upon hearing a staff report that average home repairs in the county stand at around $16,000, Commissioner Dan Harris voiced his concerns. He expressed doubt that most citizens would have the capacity to afford the 10% share of repair costs.

In response, Regina Walker suggested that the commission itself could take on the burden of paying the full 10%, amounting to $50,000, thereby eliminating the cost for the citizens applying for the grant money.

Despite this proposal, Commissioner Harris expressed ongoing dissatisfaction, as his entire district lies within the City of Montgomery. He highlighted that the bulk of the “blight” is located in the city itself.

Seeking a middle ground, Commissioner Ronda Walker proposed that the commission cover 5% of the cost, thereby reducing the amount that citizens would be expected to contribute.

The discussion culminated in Chairman Doug Singleton proposing to take a vote at the subsequent meeting on whether or not the commission should cover the 10% cost. He also suggested considering alternative solutions if the vote didn’t result in a favorable decision. The vote was consequently placed on the agenda for the upcoming commission meeting.

The next Montgomery County Commission meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 27th at 9:00 a.m., to be held at the Montgomery County courthouse annex 3. It will provide an opportunity for the commission to make a collective decision about financial aid for home repairs.

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