Deadline Approaching: Michigan Homeowner Assistance Fund Applications Accepted Until December 8

Deadline Approaching: Michigan Homeowner Assistance Fund Applications Accepted Until December 8

The Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) has announced a critical update regarding the federally funded Michigan Homeowner Assistance Fund (MIHAF) program. Due to an overwhelming response, the MIHAF online portal will cease to accept new applications after midnight on Friday, December 8. Michiganders grappling with homeownership-related delinquencies triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic are urged to act promptly to ensure potential consideration, as it is anticipated that the number of applications may surpass the available funds.

Apply Now to Secure Consideration

Michigan homeowners facing pandemic-induced economic hardship and the looming threat of foreclosure should submit their applications before the December 8 deadline. Applications received before this cutoff will be diligently processed until all available funds are exhausted. To monitor the status of their applications, applicants can easily check through the dedicated application portal.

MIHAF Program Success Highlights

The MIHAF program, launched in February 2022, has proven to be a resounding success in providing essential support to those experiencing economic challenges and potential foreclosure due to pandemic-related factors. Key accomplishments since its inception include:

  • Over $200 Million Disbursed Statewide: The program has disbursed significant financial aid statewide, exceeding $200 million.
  • 26,000 Residents Assisted: More than 26,000 Michigan residents have received assistance, with an average disbursement of $7,600 per household.
  • Mortgage and Property Tax Relief: Over $99 million has been distributed to address mortgage delinquencies, and more than $63 million has been allocated to alleviate delinquent property taxes.

Amy Hovey, the executive director of MSHDA, emphasized the pivotal role of the MIHAF program in providing housing stability for residents across the state. Federal funding has played a crucial role in helping thousands of Michigan homeowners avert foreclosure, settle property tax debts, and address utility arrears.

What Happens After December 8?

For homeowners who miss the application deadline, a waitlist option is available. They can be added to the waitlist by reaching out to MIHAF customer service at 1-844-756-4423 or by emailing [email protected]. However, it’s crucial to note that being on the waitlist does not guarantee assistance. Additional resources for home-related delinquencies can be explored through 211 of Michigan at Act swiftly to secure your application before the imminent deadline and safeguard your homeownership from the impacts of the ongoing pandemic.

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