Discover the Solar Incentives Offered in Austin Texas

Austin, Texas Solar Incentives

Austin, Texas is a prime location for solar energy, thanks to its abundant sunshine with over 300 days of sun every year. The cost of installing solar panels in Austin has become even more attractive due to the many incentives available, including those provided by the federal government, state, and local authorities. However, in this article, we will focus on the incentives that are specific to Austin, Texas, and how to claim them.

If you’re an eco-minded homeowner in Austin, you might be a customer of Green Mountain Energy, a utility company that operates a 100% renewable portfolio. Green Mountain Energy offers rebates for homeowners who install solar panels, with an average rebate amount of $3,200, which can range from $892 to $5,625, depending on the size of your array, your location, and the rebate budget when you apply. To be eligible for the rebate, you must sign a 24-month minimum term on the utility’s buyback program, as well as a rebate agreement and provide feedback on your solar installation experience. Once all the paperwork is complete, homeowners should receive their rebate within 30 days of application.

For those who buy their electricity from Austin Energy, the municipal utility in Austin, there are also generous rebates available for going solar at home. By completing Austin Energy’s solar education course and installing a qualifying solar photovoltaic (PV) system, you can receive a $2,500 rebate. Note, however, that if you claim this rebate, you will sign away all your solar renewable energy certificates (SRECs) to the utility in perpetuity.

For property owners installing solar PV on five or more homes, Austin Energy offers Capacity-Based Incentives (CBI) for multifamily properties. These incentives work out to $0.60 per watt for properties serving two or more units and rise to $1.00 per watt for non-profit properties that are ineligible for the federal tax credit. The rebates are capped at $2,500 per residential unit.

The municipal utility also offers its customers a form of net metering called the Value of Solar Tariff. This pays homeowners $0.097 for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) generated by their solar panels.

To receive the Austin Energy rebate, homeowners need to get at least three bids from solar installers on the list of participating contractors. You then choose a solar installer and give them your Solar Education Confirmation Number, which you receive after completing the course and the final quiz. The installer will then work with Austin Energy to ensure your solar installation meets the utility’s requirements. Once the system is approved, the installer will turn it on and Austin Energy will mail you your rebate check.

When it comes to selecting the best solar companies in Austin, smaller, local companies such as Freedom Solar Power, HE Solar LLC, Solar CenTex, Sunshine Renewable Solutions, and American Sentry Solar are among the top picks. Freedom Solar Power is a larger outfit serving several states, while American Sentry Solar also offers solar installations in Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. These solar companies provide personal and attentive service to their clients.

In conclusion, if you are considering installing solar panels in Austin, Texas, you should take advantage of the many incentives available to make the cost of installation more affordable. By working with Green Mountain Energy or Austin Energy, and choosing a reputable solar installer, you can take a significant step towards reducing your carbon footprint while saving money on your energy bills.

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