Don’t Miss Out! Low-Income Communities Bonus Credit Window Closing in 30 Days!

Don't Miss Out! Low-Income Communities Bonus Credit Window Closing in 30 Days!

Over $1 million has been designated to support the development and upkeep of solar arrays for four local businesses, as part of the USDA’s Rural Energy for America Program grants. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the recipients and their projects:

  1. Weyns Farm at 8289 Kulm Road S.E. has been granted $1 million. This funding will be utilized to purchase and install a substantial 1080-kilowatt solar array. The anticipated outcome is the generation of 1.49 kilowatt-hours, resulting in an annual savings of $152,384 for the farm, according to the USDA.
  2. Basin Farmworks located at 2076 West Blueberry Flats Lane is set to receive $14,400 for their 16.2 kilowatt solar panel initiative. This project aims to replace 21,034 kilowatt-hours, leading to an annual savings of $2,018, as reported by the agency.
  3. Sage Hill at 2165 S. State Highway 24 is granted $11,847 to acquire and install a 16.2 kilowatt solar area, serving an area in nearby north Franklin County. The funds will be used to implement a solar panel system, replacing 30,819 kilowatt-hours annually and resulting in a savings of $1,485, according to the USDA.

These three local businesses are part of a broader initiative, with 16 projects statewide receiving over $3 million in grant funds from the Rural Energy for America Program. Collectively, these projects are estimated to generate 10.07 million kilowatt-hours annually, capable of powering approximately 933 homes.

In addition to the local recipients, other Eastern Washington businesses benefiting from these grants include Lazy T Farm in Kittitas County ($19,492), Underwood Fruit and Warehouse in Klickitat County ($522,150), Maryhill Winery in Klickitat County ($161,250), and Walking Rose in Okanogan County ($14,840).

This significant investment in renewable energy projects is a testament to the commitment to sustainable practices within the local business community, fostering both economic and environmental benefits.

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