Find Out If You’re Qualified for the 2023 $500 Stimulus Relief Payments

Find Out If You're Qualified for the 2023 $500 Stimulus Relief Payments

In a recent announcement made on February 2, 2023, Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot declared that the city had launched the second phase of the Chicago Resiliency 2.0 program. California City officials estimate that the program will provide monetary assistance to up to 7,000 domestic workers and 10,000 undocumented residents.

This fund is specifically designed to aid individuals who did not qualify or receive governmental stimulus checks during the devastating Covid-19 pandemic. The program sets the income limit for a three-member household at $69,090. Notably, the officials mentioned that two members from the same household could independently apply for the aid. The confirmation regarding the eligibility for the aid will be communicated to the applicants within 30 days post-application.

California’s Response to Homeowner Needs Simultaneously, the state of California is making robust efforts to help those struggling with delayed mortgage payments amidst the pandemic through its Mortgage Relief program.

In a press conference held on Tuesday, officials outlined three new categories of individuals who would now be eligible for assistance. These include homeowners whose mortgages had a “partial claim” or deferral, those who failed to make a second mortgage payment post-June 2022, and individuals whose primary place of residence is made up of up to four units.

In a significant move, homeowners who had previously received aid from the state are also now eligible for additional support. To date, the program has benefited almost 10,500 households, with an average grant of $28,137, amounting to nearly $300 million in total.

The expansion will be financed using a substantial portion of the nearly $1 billion in homeowner assistance that California secured from the American Rescue Plan last year.

Texas Steps Up to Aid Locals with Energy Costs Meanwhile, in Texas, financially strained locals are getting much-needed help with their energy bills as they crank up their heaters to cope with the extreme cold. Both homeowners and renters can seek assistance with their energy expenses from the Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs (TDHCA).

In an enhancement to the current program, qualifying individuals will also be eligible for future payments of up to $2,400. To bolster its efforts, the TDHCA has allocated an extra $48 million to this initiative.

Reflecting on the past year’s challenges, Bobby Wilkinson, the executive director of TDHCA, said, “Texans have had a tough year, with escalating costs for food, housing, and transportation, and higher energy expenditures due to the extreme heat over the summer.”

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