Get Your Keys to Happiness: Homeowner Assistance Programs You Need to Know

Get Your Keys to Happiness: Homeowner Assistance Programs You Need to Know

Owning a home is like living a dream until reality hits with unexpected repairs, seasonal spikes in utility bills, and the constant need for improvements. The good news? If you’re a resident of Buncombe County, you’re in luck! The county, along with some awesome local nonprofit organizations, has devised a series of homeowner assistance programs tailored to tackle these very issues. From emergency repairs to energy-efficient upgrades, they’ve got a wide array of solutions that cater to your unique homeowner challenges.

First on the list is septic system assistance. Septic repairs can hit your finances hard, but the county is here to soften the blow with grants that cover some of the costs. If you’re a Buncombe County resident and live in a home requiring repairs, you’re eligible to apply. Just get a repair permit, secure three contractor bids, and then send your application by mail or email. It’s a straightforward process designed to relieve what could be a heavy financial burden.

Next up, we’ve got something for those whose homes seem to devour energy. Community Action Opportunities offers a comprehensive weatherization service that’s like giving your home an energy-efficient makeover. They’ll insulate your house, install carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, and can even help with broken heating or air conditioning systems. You’ll not only cut costs but also create a safer, cozier living environment.

But wait, there’s more! If you’re on a budget, the Energy Savers Network by the Green Built Alliance is your go-to. They offer energy assessments and weatherization services to lower-income families. They’ll change out furnace filters, replace inefficient light bulbs, and even install storm window inserts. Best of all? This program is open to both homeowners and renters.

In short, Buncombe County is offering a lifeline to homeowners dealing with a variety of challenges. Whether it’s urgent repairs, energy efficiency, or simply making a home safer for older residents, these assistance programs are worth looking into. It’s about making your house feel more like a home, without draining your wallet.

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