The government loves to give out grants in all kinds of different situations. They come and go. You should pay attention and subscribe to services like ours so that you are always alerted when a grant becomes available.

Home repair grants are a common one. Especially if you were just in a natural disaster. Below we have listed states and the current grants available for home improvements.

Home Repair Grants for Homeowners

What you can get from the government depends on multiple factors. We have put together a section on our website dedicated to helping you navigate those seemingly esoteric waters.
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Natural Disasters

Many grants become available after natural disasters. We keep you informed of these by monitoring all of the public and private channels.

Low Income & Elderly

Grants for those who have low income or unfortunate circumstances may be eligible for grants for time to time.


Grants are given to those in certain locations all the time. Sometimes a location needs a surplus of capital for growth. When that happens we will let you know.


The government from time to time will issues grants based on your occupation Law enforcement is a common one.