Hamilton County Homeowners Anxious About Possible Tax Hikes Mentioned in Letter

Hamilton County Homeowners Anxious About Possible Tax Hikes Mentioned in Letter

Hamilton County, Ohio – In a recent development that has left many homeowners in Hamilton County puzzled, a batch of letters arrived in mailboxes across the area, sparking concerns about potential increases in property taxes. While this unexpected correspondence has raised eyebrows, Hamilton County Auditor Brigid Kelly is advising residents to remain calm and offers an explanation.

According to Kelly, Hamilton County undergoes a property reevaluation process every six years, a requirement mandated by the state. This process involves the reassessment of property values, which is why many property owners receive these letters in the mail.

The letters provide property owners with valuable information, including their property’s current assessed value and a tentative value that has received state approval. However, it’s important to note that the final assessed value, which determines property taxes, will be sent out by the county at the conclusion of the year.

“We will continue working on this throughout the fall until residents receive their final assessed values at the end of the year,” assured Kelly.

Importantly, Kelly emphasized that a change in a property’s assessed value does not necessarily equate to an immediate tax increase. These letters are part of the county’s commitment to transparency and accuracy in the assessment process.

“We send these letters out to ensure transparency and accuracy in property valuation. Our goal is to provide precise values for our residents. If property owners believe that the assessed value is inaccurate, they have the opportunity to file an appeal with the Board of Revision,” explained Kelly.

In essence, while the arrival of these letters may have sparked initial concern, it’s important for homeowners in Hamilton County to understand that the process is part of a routine property assessment, and any potential impact on property taxes will be determined at a later stage. The county remains dedicated to ensuring that property values are assessed accurately, providing residents with a clear and fair understanding of their property’s worth.

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