Hidalgo County Pilot Program Offers Deadline for Help with Past Due Property Tax and Mortgage Payments

Hidalgo County Launches Pilot Program

Texas Hidalgo County homeowners who have faced financial hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic may have the opportunity to receive significant assistance. Under a pilot program, eligible individuals could potentially access up to $25,000 in past due property taxes and $40,000 in past due mortgage payments.

The Texas Homeowner Assistance Fund Program, designed to support those adversely affected by the pandemic, will begin accepting applications on Monday, January 10. The county announced this significant development via a news release. While the pilot program is initially being implemented in Hidalgo County, there are plans to expand it to other parts of the state in the future. The funds for this program are sourced from the American Rescue Plan, ensuring that qualified applicants can receive the necessary aid.

To be considered eligible for assistance, applicants must meet specific criteria. They should be homeowners with a household income of $79,900 or less. Additionally, they must have fallen behind on one or more of the following expenses: property taxes, property insurance, HOA/condo fees, and mortgage payments. Furthermore, applicants should have experienced a Qualified Financial Hardship after January 21, 2021.

The application process will be conducted online to ensure ease and accessibility for homeowners seeking assistance. For more detailed information about the program or for any inquiries, individuals can contact the program’s helpline at 833-651-3874.

The launch of the Texas Homeowner Assistance Fund Program signifies a crucial step in providing much-needed support to Hidalgo County homeowners who have faced financial challenges due to the pandemic. By addressing past due property taxes and mortgage payments, the program aims to alleviate the burden on eligible homeowners and help them regain stability during these uncertain times.

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