Home Improvement Gets a Boost with New Incentive Program in Ottumwa

Home Improvement Gets a Boost with New Incentive Program in Ottumwa

The City of Ottumwa, Iowa has announced the return of its successful exterior home improvement incentive program for a second consecutive year, named ‘Blocks to Neighborhoods’. This initiative aims to motivate homeowners to renovate their properties and, in doing so, contribute to the overall beautification and enhancement of their communities.

Under the Blocks to Neighborhoods program, property owners in Ottumwa have the opportunity to receive reimbursements of up to $2,500 for approved exterior property improvements. Additionally, the program promotes community collaboration by encouraging at least three neighbors to join forces and coordinate their improvement projects, thus fostering stronger neighborhood connections.

Applications for the program will be assessed through a competitive grant process. Evaluation criteria will include the properties’ locations, the number of participating neighbors, and the potential impact of the proposed exterior improvements on the neighborhood’s overall aesthetic and value. Successful applicants will be entitled to a 2-to-1 reimbursement scheme for their approved exterior enhancements, meaning that for every dollar invested by homeowners, the program will provide an additional two dollars in funding.

Financial support for the Blocks to Neighborhoods program comes from the Legacy Foundation, which has granted $40,000 to the City of Ottumwa. This generous contribution has expanded the program’s initial budget from $60,000 to a total of $100,000 over the course of two years.

Kelly Genners, the President of the Legacy Foundation, expressed enthusiasm about the opportunity to continue supporting this program. He highlighted the unique opportunity it offers homeowners to significantly enhance their properties, essentially tripling their investment through the program’s reimbursement scheme.

The City of Ottumwa will be accepting applications for the Blocks to Neighborhoods program starting June 2nd and ending on June 30th. Applicants whose projects have been approved will receive notifications by July 13th.

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