Home Renovation Help Offered by Saint Clairsville

Home Renovation Help Offered by Saint Clairsville

The city of St. Clairsville in Ohio has issued a call to action to its residents, offering them a financial helping hand for necessary home repair and rehabilitation projects. This fund aims to assist homeowners who require financial backing to upgrade and restore their homes.

Tom Murphy, the city’s Planning and Zoning Director, emphasized that residents have access to the Community Housing Impact Preservation (CHIP) funding. This initiative, managed through the Belomar Regional Council, exists to provide support for those who wish to enhance their living conditions.

“Those interested in home improvements can apply for these funds. However, it’s important to note that these funds are strictly earmarked for home rehabilitation and repair projects,” stated Murphy. He added that applicants’ homes must be privately owned, and potential recipients must fall within specific income guidelines to qualify.

According to Natalie Hamilton, the Director of Community Development with Belomar, the assistance comes from unutilized funds in the city’s revolving loan fund. She also shed light on the income requirements necessary to apply for the funding.

“To be eligible, your income should be at or below 80 percent of the area median income for the Wheeling/Ohio area,” clarified Hamilton. She elaborated that the Department of Housing and Urban Development provides the funds, with eligibility thresholds based on household size. “For a single individual, the income limit is $41,000 per year, and for a household of two, it’s $46,850.”

Despite the availability of these funds, Murphy expressed concern about a lack of applicants. “We encourage more residents to apply. These are grant funds that would be forgiven, which is a great benefit to the residents who meet the criteria,” Murphy said.

Murphy added that the program has over $100,000 available, which could potentially benefit two or three applicants. He highlighted that the assistance extends to various demographic groups, including the elderly and young families, provided they own their homes.

However, Murphy stressed that the funds are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once depleted, the financial support ends, so it’s advisable for potential beneficiaries to apply as soon as possible.

Applicants will go through a thorough vetting process, which includes a home visit from Belomar representatives to determine the home’s eligibility. Once approved, the process of finding a suitable contractor for the necessary work commences.

Hamilton added that there’s a per-house budget of approximately $60,000, and the duration from application to work commencement could stretch up to a year. “We only have a few contractors willing to do this work, and we can only assist a limited number of people due to the competitive nature of the program,” Hamilton explained. “Last year, we successfully facilitated eight full home rehabilitations and 15 repairs throughout Belmont County.”

Homeowners interested in applying for this assistance can contact Belomar at 304-242-1800 or reach out to Murphy at 740-695-1953.

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