Home Repair Initiatives in Quincy Supported by Grant from Illinois Housing Development Authority

Home Repair Initiatives in Quincy Supported by Grant from Illinois Housing Development Authority

Quincy, Illinois, is offering a valuable opportunity for low and moderate-income homeowners to enhance their living conditions. Thanks to a generous $300,000 grant from the Illinois Housing Development Authority, residents can now access professional contractor services to address various home improvement needs, such as doors, windows, plumbing, and electrical issues.

Qualified homeowners in Quincy will have the chance to receive assistance in the form of forgivable loans spanning three to five years. This financial support aims to bring local homes up to city code standards while ensuring the safety and well-being of families residing in them.

Sheri Reller, Quincy’s Community Development Planner, emphasizes the significance of this initiative in enabling homeowners to maintain their cherished living spaces. She recognizes the sentimental value that people associate with their homes and their desire to preserve the memories and comfort they provide, regardless of whether a new home is within reach. Supporting homeowners in their endeavor to sustain and improve their existing residences aligns with their attachment to these spaces.

To be eligible for this program, homeowners must demonstrate that they are current on mortgage payments and homeowners insurance. These requirements serve to ensure the financial stability and responsibility of applicants.

The Planning and Development Department of Quincy is currently accepting applications from homeowners seeking assistance through this grant. While a specific deadline to submit applications has not been established, interested individuals are encouraged to act promptly to take advantage of this valuable opportunity.

By investing in home repairs and maintenance, Quincy is striving to enhance the overall quality of housing in the community while fostering a sense of security and pride among its residents.

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