Home Repair Loan Scheme for Seniors to be Kickstarted by Poughkeepsie City

Loan in Poughkeepsie, Town in New York State

The City of Poughkeepsie is rolling out a new initiative aimed at aiding senior citizens with home repair needs. This program is set to offer monetary assistance to qualified seniors, thereby enabling them to effect essential home improvements.

This funding endeavor is principally designed to promote safe and independent living for seniors, fostering a revitalized community and subsequently bolstering the local economy. The initiative is set to go live with the goal of helping seniors keep up with crucial home repairs, which may sometimes be deferred due to financial constraints.

Under this program, the city has earmarked nearly $200,000, which will be disseminated as grants and forgivable loans. The objective of this funding is to rectify health and safety hazards in eligible homes, while also supporting pre-approved maintenance and emergency repairs to both interior and exterior facets of these homes.

The stipulation is that the total project costs per household cannot go beyond $7,500. Moreover, the funds are set to be allotted on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis, making prompt application a beneficial move for interested seniors.

The launch phase of the application process will commence this summer, and the administration of the program will be handled by Habitat for Humanity of Dutchess County.

Poughkeepsie Mayor Marc Nelson highlighted the struggles that many seniors face in keeping up with their home maintenance. “This initiative will serve as an additional resource for seniors to fund repairs that are essential but often postponed due to the lack of financial means,” he commented.

Council Chairwoman Natasha Brown mentioned the city’s collaborative approach to addressing this pressing issue faced by seniors. “These repairs will enable eligible seniors to tackle deferred maintenance issues that may have been a source of stress and worry for an extended period.”

Eligibility for the program requires applicants to be at least 62 years of age and listed as a homeowner on the property deed. The city further stipulates that all taxes related to the residence must be current. The city also reserves the authority to deny assistance to applicants with severe and/or repeated code violations.

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