Housing Assistance Program by MBA Opens Doors Reaches Impressive Milestone

Housing Assistance Program by MBA Opens Doors Reaches Impressive Milestone

The MBA Opens Doors Foundation has achieved a significant milestone in its mission to provide mortgage and rental payment assistance. Since the inception of its Home Grant Program in 2012, the foundation has extended financial aid to more than 15,000 families who have critically ill or injured children undergoing treatment at one of the Foundation’s 13 network hospitals.

Through this program, the MBA Opens Doors Foundation offers housing assistance grants of up to $2,000 per month. Debra Still, Chairwoman of Open Doors, described the attainment of 15,000 grants as an “extraordinary feat” and expressed her gratitude for the support received from MBA member companies and individuals within the real estate finance community.

Debra Still shared her thoughts in a press release, saying, “I’ve been fortunate to be the Chairman of the Opens Doors Board since 2013, helping to grow this amazing organization from a simple idea into a vital source of support for families across the country. I am very grateful for the overwhelming generosity of MBA member companies and the thousands of individuals working in the real estate finance community for the kindness they demonstrate year after year.”

In a show of continued commitment, Freedom Mortgage and Radian Group recently extended their support for the program, pledging a generous $1.1 million to the MBA Opens Doors Foundation. This commitment reflects the ongoing dedication of organizations within the mortgage industry to make a positive impact on families facing challenging circumstances.

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