Hurricane Ian Victims in South Carolina Can Access Government Grants for Financial Aid

Hurricane Ian Victims in South Carolina Can Access Government Grants for Financial Aid

Following the devastating impact of Hurricane Ian in October 2022, where South Carolina experienced severe flooding and wind damage, especially in coastal counties, the state faced significant challenges in recovering from the disaster. During the storm’s peak, around a quarter-million residents were left without power, and the estimated cost of damage to state and local agencies exceeded $25 million.

To aid in the recovery efforts, the Rural Development division of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has recently announced the availability of grant funds specifically designated for repairing water infrastructure damaged by Hurricane Ian in rural communities of South Carolina. Through the supplemental disaster funding provided under the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023, the USDA is making over $247 million in grants accessible. These funds will remain available until fully expended.

The grant money can be utilized for two primary purposes: repairing the water infrastructure that suffered damage due to the hurricane and developing resilience measures to mitigate long-term risks associated with future natural disasters. The aim is not only to restore the water infrastructure but also to build stronger, more resilient systems that can better withstand potential future challenges.

Dr. Saundra Glover, the State Director of South Carolina for the USDA, emphasized the commitment of the Biden-Harris Administration and the USDA to supporting affected individuals and communities in rebuilding their lives. Dr. Glover stated that the announced assistance aims to provide rural communities in South Carolina with the necessary resources to repair and rebuild their water infrastructure. Acknowledging the crucial role of rural America and its residents in shaping the spirit and character of the nation, the funding is viewed as critical to aiding the recovery efforts.

To access the grant funds, interested parties can obtain information on the application process and submit their applications online through or This streamlined online approach ensures efficiency and accessibility for potential applicants seeking financial support to repair and enhance water infrastructure in their communities.

The availability of these grant funds signifies a significant step forward in South Carolina’s recovery journey after Hurricane Ian, offering hope and support to the affected rural communities. By investing in the restoration and resilience of water infrastructure, the USDA aims to foster the long-term well-being and sustainability of these areas, ensuring they are better prepared to face future natural disasters and safeguard the livelihoods of their residents.

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