Important Tips for Homebuyers in Alaska!

In Alaska, if you’re a low-income individual aspiring to buy a house, there are various assistance programs tailored to make homeownership more accessible.

The Alaska Housing Finance Corporation offers specialized loan packages!

AHFC Rural Loan Program is designed for homes in small communities with populations of 6,500 or fewer people. This program provides a low interest rate on the initial $250,000 of the home value and a blended rate for amounts exceeding that.

Manufactured Home Program facilitates financing for those interested in mobile homes not on permanent foundations.

Nonconforming I and II Programs aid in purchasing homes with features that complicate standard financing.

Taxable First Time Homebuyer Program and Tax Exempt First Time Homebuyer Program provide reduced interest rates based on income and purchase price limits.

Veterans Programs are available for honorably discharged veterans within 25 years of their discharge date.

Alaska offers a special interest rate for low-income borrowers!

Energy Efficiency Interest Rate Reduction benefiting those purchasing energy-efficient homes. Down payment assistance programs include the Affordable Housing Enhanced Loan Program (AHELP), requiring the completion of a homebuyer education class.

Some Alaska communities have special programs!

Home Opportunity Program, assisting low-income households with up to $20,000 toward home purchases in select regions.

Anchorage area

Organizations like Anchorage Neighborhood Housing Services and Cook Inlet Lending Center offer homebuyer classes and down payment assistance loans, respectively.

North Pacific Rim Housing Authority provides substantial aid to Alaskan Native and American Indian homebuyers.

Fairbanks area

Fairbanks Neighborhood Housing Services and Interior Regional Housing Authority offer down payment assistance, pre-purchase counseling, and unique programs like Tribal Equity Advantage Mortgages.

Juneau Area

Tlingit and Haida Regional Housing Authority provides financial counseling and up to $20,000 in assistance for down payment and closing costs.

These diverse programs aim to empower low-income individuals, offering tailored solutions to facilitate their journey to homeownership in Alaska.

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