Increased Financial Support Headed to Jamestown Homeowners

Jamestown, New York Grants

During their Monday meeting, the Jamestown City, New York Council meticulously reviewed the specifics of a homeowner grant set to be executed by the Jamestown Department of Development. This thorough examination aims to ensure the correct and effective allocation of funds intended to benefit local homeowners.

The funding for this grant was designated last year as part of the comprehensive American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). Despite this early earmarking, the actual rollout of funds for the administration of this grant was deferred until now. This strategic delay ensured the correct establishment of administrative procedures and implementation frameworks.

In her explanation of the grant, the Director of Development, Crystal Surdyk, clarified some key points. “Homeowners who wish to apply for this grant will still need to meet a ten percent match requirement. The grant provides up to $2,500, which can either be used as direct payment to a contractor or for a homeowner to cover certain expenses, following which they’ll be eligible for a rebate.”

Surdyk also spoke about the review process undertaken by the council. “We presented the draft proposal to the council for their perusal and feedback. Their input is valuable to ensure that the grant’s administration aligns with their initial vision and expectations.”

In addition to this homeowner grant, two parallel programs funded by ARPA were also initiated to rejuvenate the city’s housing stock. One program specifically targets so-called ‘zombie properties’ – properties that have been abandoned by their owners but remain unsold. The other program aims to assist in the development of senior housing, ensuring that the city’s older residents have access to suitable accommodation. Both programs represent the city’s commitment to community development and urban renewal.

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