Iowa West Foundation Aids SWIPCO in Rehabilitating Twelve Homes

Iowa West Foundation Aids SWIPCO in Rehabilitating Twelve Homes

The Southwest Iowa Housing Trust Fund (SWIHTF), a nonprofit fund under the administration of the Southwest Iowa Planning Council (SWIPCO), has successfully completed the rehabilitation of twelve homes in the southwest Iowa region. This significant accomplishment was made possible through the generous support of a $100,000 grant awarded by the Iowa West Foundation in March 2022.

The rehabilitation efforts funded by the Iowa West Foundation were carried out in various cities across southwest Iowa, including Harlan (4 homes), Atlantic (3 homes), Henderson, Clarinda, Shenandoah, Elliott, and Griswold. In total, the rehabilitation cost for these twelve homes amounted to $203,394. The grant provided by the Iowa West Foundation played a crucial role in leveraging an additional $103,394 in grants from other sources, such as the Iowa Finance Authority and the United States Department of Agriculture.

To qualify for the rehabilitation program, all twelve homes met the income eligibility requirements established by SWIPCO. This ensures that the funds are directed towards those in need of assistance within the community.

As part of its commitment to serving member communities, SWIPCO regularly offers grant writing and administration services to municipalities located in Cass, Fremont, Harrison, Mills, Montgomery, Page, Pottawattamie, and Shelby Counties. Over the past year alone, SWIPCO has successfully secured an impressive $129 million in grants for the region, contributing to numerous community development projects and initiatives.

The completion of the rehabilitation of these twelve homes marks a significant achievement for SWIHTF, SWIPCO, and the Iowa West Foundation. The collaborative efforts between these organizations have resulted in tangible improvements to housing conditions in southwest Iowa, benefiting both the individuals and the communities involved. It underscores the commitment of all parties involved to enhance the quality of life for residents in the region and create a stronger and more vibrant community as a whole.

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