Iowa West grant drives SWIPCO’s housing rehabilitation project forward

Iowa West grant drives SWIPCO's housing rehabilitation project forward

State Senator Carolyn Comitta proudly announced on Monday that Chester County has been awarded a significant grant of $2.7 million by the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Authority. These funds are specifically allocated for programs aimed at providing affordable housing within the county.

Comitta, a Democrat representing Chester County, emphasized the importance of ensuring that every resident has access to a safe and healthy home, emphasizing the role of affordable housing in maintaining a thriving community.

The grant comes from the Pennsylvania Housing Affordability and Rehabilitation Fund, which was established through Act 105 of 2010. The purpose of this fund is to support the creation, rehabilitation, and maintenance of affordable housing across Pennsylvania. The funding for these programs is derived from the Realty Transfer Tax Fund as well as the Marcellus Shale Impact Fee Fund, which is supported by companies involved in natural gas production.

Numerous organizations and initiatives in Chester County have been chosen as recipients of these grants, receiving funding to support their respective projects:

  1. Home of the Sparrow, located in Exton, has been awarded $50,000. These funds will be used for apartment subleases and re-entry case management to assist women in transitioning from the criminal justice system.
  2. Friends Association for Care and Protection of Children, situated in West Chester, will receive $200,000 to support their Eviction Prevention Court program.
  3. Brandywine Valley Active Aging, operating in Downingtown and Coatesville, has been granted $200,000 to implement a case management program catering to individuals experiencing homelessness, at risk of homelessness, housing insecurity, or those who have survived disasters.
  4. The Housing Partnership of Chester County, located in Downingtown, will receive $200,000 for their Conservatorship Blighted Property Pilot Program. This initiative aims to rehabilitate abandoned properties, making them available for sale to first-time home buyers.
  5. DMPA Investment Group has been awarded $200,000 for the construction of new container homes in Coatesville.
  6. Habitat for Humanity of Chester County, based in Coatesville, will receive $100,000 to facilitate the purchase and renovation of two homes in the community.
  7. The Domestic Violence Center of Chester County, located in Coatesville, has been granted $100,000 to provide homelessness prevention services specifically designed for domestic violence survivors.
  8. Kennett Area Community Services, situated in Kennett Square, will receive $60,000 to support homelessness prevention efforts for individuals and families facing housing insecurity in Southern Chester County.
  9. The Housing Partnership of Chester County, based in Downingtown, has been granted an additional $50,000. These funds will be allocated to housing counseling, financial literacy programs, and credit counseling initiatives.
  10. The Housing Authority of Chester County, located in West Chester, will receive $300,000 for its Housing Locator Program. This program aims to assist lower-income residents in securing suitable housing based on their specific needs.
  11. The W.C. Atkinson Memorial Community Service Center, Inc., situated in Coatesville, will implement an Individualized Intensive Case Management program. This initiative will help identify and address the underlying causes of housing instability among men in the community.
  12. Friends Association for Care and Protection of Children House, based in West Chester, will utilize the funding to establish a transitional housing program specifically tailored for women who were previously incarcerated.
  13. Human Services Inc., situated in Thorndale, has been granted $200,000. These funds will be used to rehabilitate a vacant garage, transforming it into a facility that provides housing support services to members of the Coatesville community.
  14. Safe Harbor of Chester County, located in West Chester, has been awarded $150,000. This grant will enable the organization to expand its emergency shelter and case management program.
  15. The Chester County Department of Community Development, based in West Chester, will receive $375,000 to enhance the capacity of its street outreach and data team.
  16. Open Hearth Inc, situated in Phoenixville, has been granted $110,000 for its Targeted Homelessness Resource Coordination program. This initiative involves creating and maintaining a comprehensive list of individuals experiencing homelessness within the county, prioritizing their placement into permanent housing in collaboration with various housing providers.
  17. Good Neighbors Home Repair Inc., located in Kennett Square, will utilize the funds to implement home rehabilitation programs targeting lower-income residents in southern Chester County.

These grants signify a significant investment in affordable housing initiatives within Chester County, highlighting the commitment to addressing housing needs and fostering a thriving community for all residents.

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