Kansas Homeowner Assistance Funds Running Low with Only 25 Percent Remaining

Kansas Homeowner Assistance Fund

The Kansas Homeowner Assistance Fund (KHAF) was established in April 2022 as a temporary emergency program to provide financial support to Kansas homeowners facing hardships during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the help of federally funded resources, the program aimed to assist qualifying homeowners in getting current on their mortgage payments, avoiding foreclosure, and meeting other related expenses. Since its inception, KHAF has provided a total of $34,946,068 in assistance to 3,151 households, making a significant impact on the lives of many homeowners.

Despite the remarkable success achieved by KHAF in aiding homeowners, the program has now dispersed 75% of its total funds, indicating that only 25% of the total funds remain. Homeowners in Kansas experiencing financial hardship, and who are eligible for assistance, are strongly encouraged to apply as soon as possible to receive the necessary help. KHAF officials have emphasized the importance of applying before funds run out, as assistance will not be available once the remaining 25% of funds are exhausted.

KHAF’s eligibility requirements are simple: homeowners must be at least 30 days past due on their mortgage or property taxes and must have experienced financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Once approved, homeowners can receive payment assistance for various delinquencies, including mortgages, utility bills, property taxes, and other related charges. KHAF officials understand that applying for financial assistance can be stressful, but they assure homeowners that the application process is simple and straightforward. Homeowners can visit https://kshousingcorp.org/kansas-homeowner-assistance-fund/ to learn more about the program, verify their eligibility, and submit an application for assistance.

One KHAF applicant shared their experience, stating that they were hesitant to apply initially but found the process to be less complicated than they had anticipated. The applicant advised homeowners facing similar challenges to apply as soon as possible and seek assistance from KHAF customer service representatives if needed. For those who have questions or need additional support, KHAF customer service representatives can be reached at 855-307-5423.

In summary, KHAF has been a critical source of support for Kansas homeowners experiencing financial hardship during the COVID-19 pandemic. As funds begin to run out, eligible homeowners are encouraged to apply as soon as possible to take advantage of the available assistance. With KHAF’s help, homeowners can regain their financial footing and avoid the devastating consequences of foreclosure.

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