Latest Updates: 30% Tax Credit in Florida’s Solar Panel Installation Grant Program

Sunny Day Solar is ushering in a new era of sustainable living with its enhanced services, allowing customers to achieve energy independence while simultaneously contributing positively to the environment. Property owners in the locality have a prime opportunity to leverage the newly increased 30% tax credits and grants. These financial incentives are even available to home businesses, helping to mitigate the initial expense associated with solar panel installation.

Sunny Day Solar’s commitment to making renewable energy accessible is encapsulated in its comprehensive information portal, available at

As part of their recent strategic initiatives, Sunny Day Solar provides both residential and commercial clients with an industry-leading 30-year Solar Insure warranty on all their installed solar panels. As a certified member of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), the company also extends special pricing arrangements to military members in recognition of their service.

In light of expert predictions that global fossil fuel reserves will be exhausted within a century, the importance of exploring alternative power sources such as solar energy cannot be overstated. These renewable energy forms are vital for diversifying our energy supply, ensuring affordability, and fostering sustainability. In fact, solar energy once considered an expensive option, is now cheaper than traditional power supply options.

Historically, the substantial upfront costs associated with solar panel installation have been a deterrent. However, technological advancements have made solar energy more affordable than ever. The cost of owning and maintaining a personal solar power plant is now lower than relying on rented energy from power companies. Sunny Day Solar Farms takes this a step further by assisting clients in securing federally backed incentive programs, further reducing the financial barriers to solar energy adoption.

Investing in solar energy can provide tangible financial returns in as little as three years. At the onset of each project, Sunny Day Solar prepares a comprehensive report outlining the anticipated costs and returns of transitioning to solar power. Beyond the environmental benefits, clients can also earn credits by supplying excess energy back to the power grid, offsetting their expenses.

To further facilitate the adoption of solar energy, Sunny Day Solar offers complimentary consultations to help clients understand the costs and benefits of solar panel installation. Appointments can be requested by calling the office at 850-292-7900 or via the website’s contact form.

About Sunny Day Solar:

Established with the mission of broadening the reach of renewable energy, Sunny Day Solar Farms was founded by Marc Hager, a seasoned electrician, and solar energy consultant with 25 years of industry experience. The company holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and serves clients across the southern United States.

Marc Hager shares his passion for the industry saying, “After over two decades in the business, I still love what I do. Now more than ever, I get to share how solar energy helps individuals and the community in a multitude of ways.”

Those interested in learning more about Sunny Day Solar and the services they offer can visit their website at or call 850-292-7900 for further information.

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