Looking to Adopt Solar Power? City Program is Here to Help

Looking to Adopt Solar Power? City Program is Here to Help.

Lexington, Kentucky is taking the lead in promoting clean, renewable energy by partnering with the Kentucky Solar Energy Society to introduce Solarize Lexington. This groundbreaking program is aimed at encouraging households to minimize their dependence on traditional electric grids, simplifying the process, and making it more affordable to switch to solar power.

“Solarize Lexington is poised to facilitate a major shift towards clean, renewable energy in Fayette County, broadening its adoption by residents, small businesses, and even non-profit organizations and places of worship,” explained Steve Ricketts, a representative of the Kentucky Solar Energy Society.

The pioneering program leverages the power of collective buying to deliver cost savings to those interested in solar power installation. “By creating a city-wide purchasing group, the program allows interested parties to save up to 20% on average prices while working with a pre-screened, reliable installer,” Ricketts further clarified.

Solarize Lexington is an inclusive program open to all homeowners within Lexington-Fayette County. Additionally, other property owners such as non-profits, small businesses, and places of worship are also encouraged to apply.

Participants in the program are required to cover the cost of the solar panels and their installation, although these are provided at a discounted rate. Federal tax credits are also available to further ease the financial burden. All arrangements for the solar installations will be individually negotiated contracts between the property owner and the solar installer. Neither the city nor the Kentucky Solar Energy Society will bear any liability related to the installations.

If you’re interested in exploring your property’s suitability for solar power, you’re invited to complete the Solarize Lexington interest form. This initial step, which does not bind you to any purchase, allows the Solarize Lexington team to carry out a free assessment of your property’s solar potential.

The team will consider various factors during the evaluation, such as the orientation of your home’s roof, the level of shade your roof experiences, and the amount of space available on your roof for solar panels. If your roof is deemed suitable for solar installation, your information will be forwarded to a trusted installer who will then discuss the next steps with you. If your roof isn’t suitable, the reasons will be clearly communicated to you.

You can submit your Solarize Lexington applications until July 20. Contracts must be finalized by September 14, with installations scheduled before the year ends.

For low-to-moderate-income homeowners eager to switch to solar power, limited funding is available. Applicants must own and occupy their homes to qualify for the grant funds. Those who believe they meet the requirements should bypass the program interest form and visit lexingtonky.gov/solar to verify their financial eligibility. If they qualify, they should contact the Division of Community and Resident Services for prescreening. A demonstration of identity, proof of residence, homeownership, and income is needed. Grants will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis until funds run out.

Residents interested in learning more about the program can register for an upcoming informational workshop at lexingtonky.gov/solar.

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