Low-Income Home Loans & Programs in Hawaii

Exploring Homeownership Support for Low-Income Individuals in Hawaii

Empowering Native Hawaiian Homebuyers

  1. Alu Like Inc.: This agency extends comprehensive support to Native Hawaiians aspiring to purchase homes, covering areas such as business, employment, libraries, childcare, and education.
  2. Nānākuli Housing Corporation (NHC): Committed to aiding Native Hawaiians in securing affordable housing, NHC offers vital services like homebuyer education, post-homeownership training, self-help home repair, and foreclosure prevention.
  3. Section 184A Native Hawaiian Home Loan Guarantee Program: Uniquely designed loan guarantees for Native Hawaiians targeting single-family homes within designated “Hawaiian homelands” areas.

Statewide Resources for Homebuyers

  1. Hawaiian Community Assets: This organization provides financial counseling along with pre-purchase and post-purchase guidance, focusing on ensuring financial readiness for homeownership and long-term success.
  2. Hula Mae: Tailored for low-income residents, this special loan program in Hawaii has specific income criteria and other requirements that applicants must meet for eligibility.
  3. Self-Help Housing Corporation of Hawaii: Focused on empowerment, this program assists low-income Hawaiian families in constructing their own homes across Oahu, Kauai, Maui, and Molokai. Find out how this program works here.

Local Support from Hawaiian Communities

  1. Honolulu’s Homeownership Programs: Offering a down payment assistance program, Honolulu provides prospective buyers with up to $40,000 in a zero-interest secondary loan. Post-purchase, assistance is available for solar upgrades, home repair, and more.
  2. Kaua’i County’s Low-Cost Loans: For first-time homebuyers earning less than 80% of the Kaua’i Median Household Income, the county provides low-cost loans with maximum amounts of $450,000 for a primary loan or $150,000 for a gap mortgage.
  3. Maui County’s First-Time Home Buyer Program: While details on their website may be elusive, reaching out to the Housing Administration in Wailuku at 35 Lunalilo St is recommended for comprehensive information on Maui County’s first-time home buyer program.
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