Maryland Energy Administration Will Award $1.5 Million for New Residential Solar Systems

Low Income Solar Grant Program provides solar grants

With funding from the Strategic Energy Investment Fund, the Maryland Energy Administration will help homeowners with the cost of their solar system installation. These funds will be provided to homes after they have received an energy audit and weatherization-type energy efficiency upgrades. The program’s budget is $1.5 million.

For more information on this solar program and more, visit our partners here.

For each solar system installed for a low-income household, the Low Income Solar Grant Program (Pilot) Grant Program will pay up to 100% of the design and installation costs for solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, up to a maximum of $25,000.00.

The size of each solar photovoltaic system that receives funding under this pilot initiative might range from 1 kW to 10 kW. The grant money must be spent on the purchase of a system that will help low-income households. The roof structure of the home must be suitable for solar, as determined by the grantee’s solar contractor, for a system that is roof-mounted. In order to support the installation of the solar array and associated equipment, a roof-mounted solar system may require limited roof replacement and repair around the solar array, structural support for the roof (where needed), and mold removal in some locations. For the benefit of a low-income household, a ground-mounted system may be taken into consideration if a roof-mounted structure is not advantageous for a residence.

The following four groups have been chosen to receive Low Income Solar Grants:

  • Arundel Community Development Services: $433,333.00 to help at least 17 homes;
  • Building Change: $433,333.00 to help at least 17 homes;
  • Civic Works: $433,333.00 to help at least 17 homes;
  • Green & Healthy Homes: $200,000.00 to help at least 8 homes.

Visit the official website for additional details on the Low Income Solar Grant program and other MEA programs.

For more information on this solar program and more, visit our partners here.

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