Mark your calendar: Four days left to apply for a direct stimulus payment of up to $150.

Don't miss out: Four days remaining to claim your stimulus check up to $150.

Homeowners in Greensboro, North Carolina, have an upcoming opportunity to potentially reduce their property taxes through a rebate program. With the deadline looming, residents have only a few days left to apply for a rebate that could be worth up to $150.

Earlier this year, the Greensboro City Council greenlit a new pilot program aimed at providing property tax relief for eligible residents. The council allocated a total budget of $250,000 to fund these rebates. Grants for Homeowners, a platform that provides information on grants and other financial assistance for homeowners, has forecasted that the program will likely attract between 1,500 and 2,000 applications.


The range of rebates varies, with the minimum amount set at $50. The application window for this pilot program opened on April 15, and the council will continue to accept applications until the close of business this coming Thursday.

The eligibility criteria for the rebate program are specific. Applicants must be Greensboro residents and have owned their home within the city limits for at least five continuous years. Additionally, the total property tax value of the home must not exceed $250,000.

The application process requires specific documentation. Applicants will need to provide either their 2022 tax return or W-2 form. Alternative documentation, such as a current paycheck stub or a 2023 benefit statement, may also be accepted as proof of household income.

For the convenience of the city’s diverse population, the application process has been designed to be accessible and inclusive. Applications can be submitted online, and paper applications are available in several languages, including English, Spanish, and French. Residents who prefer to use a paper application can pick one up from any of the public libraries located throughout Greensboro.

Rebate disbursements are scheduled to be made by September 30 of the current year at the latest.

For more details about this rebate program, interested parties can visit the program’s official website.

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