Michigan’s Four Upcoming Housing Developments Win EGLE Financial Backing

Michigan's Four Upcoming Housing Developments Win EGLE Financial Backing

The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) are embarking on a groundbreaking initiative to revitalize brownfield sites, injecting new life into areas that have long lain dormant or contaminated. With a vision to promote sustainable living and foster economic growth, the combined funding of $3.38 million will not only rejuvenate neighborhoods but also create attractive affordable housing opportunities across the state. Here’s a closer look at the projects:

Coldwater Senior Villas, 95 South Fremont Street, Coldwater

Background: Located on a 5-acre site that once housed Franklin Elementary School, this area has remained vacant since 2015. Its past use as a makeshift landfill from the 1930s to 1950s has left the soil contaminated with metals.

Funding and Development Plan: An $830,000 EGLE Brownfield Redevelopment Grant will be devoted to contaminated soil disposal, barrier installation, and a vapor mitigation system. Alongside financial incentives from the Michigan State Housing Development Authority and the city of Coldwater, the site will be transformed into 40 affordable senior housing units near downtown Coldwater. Completion is scheduled for fall 2024.

Contact: EGLE Brownfield Coordinator Doug Koop, [email protected], 517-245-5054.

The Greenwood, Jackson

Background: This area, consisting of seven parcels of land, has a rich history of various uses including homes, a school, a drug store, and a gas station. The result has been soil contamination with metals and petroleum compounds.

Funding and Development Plan: EGLE awarded a $675,000 grant for contaminated soil disposal and other cleanup activities. The redevelopment will result in 51 workforce housing units, to be completed by winter 2024.

Contact: EGLE Brownfield Coordinator Holden Branch, [email protected], 517-331-0993.

Rose Place Senior Living, 530 South Rose Street, Kalamazoo

Background: This land, once used for housing and later a surface parking lot, has fill material contaminated with metals and petroleum compounds.

Funding and Development Plan: A $350,000 grant will cover demolition and contaminated soil disposal. The site’s loose sand will require specialized foundations, and a coalition including the city of Kalamazoo and Kalamazoo County will support funding. The project, targeting 64 affordable senior housing units, will be finished in early 2025.

Contact: EGLE Brownfield Coordinator Doug Koop, [email protected], 517-245-5054.

41661 Plymouth Road, Plymouth Township

Background: This former site of two restaurants is earmarked for 120 apartment units. Contaminated with metals and petroleum compounds, the site also harbors debris from its landfill use prior to 1930.

Funding and Development Plan: A $535,000 grant and a $1 million loan will support vapor mitigation and the cost of special foundations. The redevelopment will connect with Hines Park and the Middle Rouge Parkway, with completion scheduled for December 2025.

Contact: EGLE Brownfield Coordinator Ari McKeever [email protected], 517-388-4515.

A Year of Achievements

In 2022, EGLE allocated $20.7 million in brownfield funding to 67 projects statewide, reflecting a strong commitment to local communities. More than half of EGLE’s budget flows into Michigan’s communities through various forms of financial support, ensuring the protection of public health and the environment, and stimulating economic growth.

The Bigger Picture

EGLE’s Remediation and Redevelopment Division continues to provide essential financial and technical assistance, fostering the redevelopment of brownfields. These efforts not only revive properties but also uplift nearby property values and local communities. By turning sites of decay into hubs of life, Michigan is creating a brighter, sustainable future for its residents.

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