Money Returns to Iowans via Turbo Tax: Check if You Qualify

I am among the many Iowans who rely on Turbo Tax to file my taxes each year. While the size of the refunds may vary from year to year, there is exciting news for thousands of Iowans who will soon receive additional money directly from Turbo Tax.

According to The Des Moines Register, a 2022 settlement with Intuit, the owner of Turbo Tax, will result in thousands of Iowans who were “scammed” into paying for free tax services receiving settlement checks. Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird made the announcement recently, stating the positive outcome of the settlement.

The Register highlights that over 35,000 Iowans paid money to submit their federal tax returns, which should have been a free service. As a result, approximately $1 million will be distributed to Iowa residents who made these payments mistakenly. It is important to note that the Iowa payout is just a portion of the overall $141 million settlement that will be distributed to millions of Americans.

You may be wondering how to determine if you are eligible for a portion of the settlement money. The Register explains that Rust Consulting, the settlement fund administrator, has already contacted eligible individuals through the mail. If you paid your federal taxes using Turbo Tax for the tax years 2016, 2017, and 2018 and were eligible for the IRS Free File program, you can expect to receive a compensation check in the mail.

This settlement serves as a positive outcome for those who inadvertently paid for services that should have been free. It highlights the importance of ensuring that taxpayers have access to accurate and affordable tax preparation services. As a Turbo Tax user, I am grateful for the resolution and the efforts made to rectify this situation for Iowans and taxpayers across the country.

Chris has been in the marketing industry for well over a decade. Chris loves writing about anything related to saving money. A passion for teaching people through writing has given him a unique opportunity to use his skills in the marketing industry. In his spare time he likes spending time with his family. training his new puppy, and taking long road trips to places like Banff & Lake Louise, Alberta.
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