Montana Property Tax Relief: Rebates Reach Over $130 Million

Montana Property Tax Relief: Rebates Reach Over $130 Million

Montana residents have recently benefited from the first round of tax rebates, with an impressive total of approximately $137 million distributed to homeowners. This initiative was authorized earlier in the year by the state’s Legislature, capitalizing on a historic one-time budget surplus. Derek Bell, a division administrator within the Department of Revenue, reported that these rebates have reached the hands of 207,528 residential property owners, translating to an average of $660 per recipient.

The legislative move involved the passage of a bill permitting two property tax rebates, each capped at $675. Homeowners in Montana were pleased to avail themselves of the first round, and they can anticipate the opportunity to apply for another rebate in the upcoming year.

However, the process is still underway, with the Department of Revenue diligently working to process applications, including those received after the October 2 deadline. Derek Bell clarified that they continue to accept applications in light of issues some Montanans have faced with the postal service. As long as an application bears a postmark from October 2 or earlier, it will be honored and processed.

This tax rebate program underscores the state’s commitment to providing financial relief and support to its residents, particularly during a time when economic stability and assistance are of paramount importance. Montana homeowners can look forward to further opportunities for financial assistance in the form of tax rebates, helping to alleviate the burdens of property taxes and contributing to their overall financial well-being.

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