Montclair Residents: A $24K Home Improvement Grant May Be Within Your Reach

Montclair Residents: A $24K Home Improvement Grant May Be Within Your Reach

Residents of Montclair, New Jersey, are being encouraged to apply for the unique Montclair Home Improvement Program. This exciting opportunity allows eligible homeowners to avail of up to $24,000 for vital home repairs.

If you are a property owner living in Montclair and your income does not exceed the maximum set amount based on your household size, you might qualify for the program. The Montclair Home Improvement Program is specifically designed for homes requiring significant system repairs or replacements, such as the roof, electrical wiring, heating or plumbing systems, and window replacements.

The Home Improvement Program was established with a specific purpose – to assist low and moderate-income households facing the burden of major home system repairs. The focus is on the repair or replacement of primary home systems, ensuring the home is compliant with interior and exterior health, safety, and building codes.

Funding is strictly for the necessary work and repairs that will bring the house up to code, improve energy efficiency, and eliminate any health or safety concerns. A variety of key home components, including plumbing, heating, electrical systems, structural elements, and foundations, can be addressed under this program. Weatherization efforts, such as window and door replacement and insulation, can also be covered.

Here’s a closer look at the eligibility requirements:

  1. Applicants must own a residential property and provide a copy of the recorded deed.
  2. Property taxes and, if applicable, the mortgage, must be up-to-date at the time of application.
  3. Applicants must have current homeowners insurance.
  4. The combined annual gross income for the household must fall below the maximum income amount for the household size. For instance, the maximum income for a single-person household in 2023 is $64,507, while for a two-person household, it’s $73,723, and so on.
  5. The home must have at least one major system in need of repair or replacement.

Notably, if there are any ongoing or recent renovations to your home requiring municipal permits, these must be completed and permits closed out before applying to the Program.

Application to this program is free and does not impact your credit score. The funds are disbursed as a zero-interest, ten-year forgivable loan, requiring no monthly payments. The loan will be completely forgiven if the homeowner maintains ownership and occupancy for a ten-year period. A professional inspector will oversee the entire process to ensure compliance.

To start your application process, you can submit a pre-application using this link: Home Improvement Program Pre-Application. For additional help, you can reach out to the Case Manager at [email protected]. If you have any questions or lack internet access, the Program Representative can be reached at 609-664-2781.

Additionally, this funding is not limited to homeowners alone – landlords can also benefit from this program, but different terms apply.

The Home Improvement Program is sponsored by the Township of Montclair and funded by collected development fees. This is an excellent opportunity to ensure the longevity of your home and enhance the safety and comfort of your living environment.

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