NBA Star Lamar Odom Invests in Budget-Friendly Housing for Seniors

NBA Star Lamar Odom Invests in Budget-Friendly Housing for Seniors

Lamar Odom’s journey through the public eye has been filled with highs and lows, from celebrated achievements in professional basketball to tumultuous personal relationships played out in the headlines. Now, in an unexpected and ambitious move, Odom has unveiled his latest venture: Odom Senior Care, an initiative focused on offering affordable residential care for senior citizens.

On Wednesday, Odom made the announcement on social media, sharing a short video on his Instagram account and the Odom Recovery YouTube channel. The clip features Odom visiting and interacting with residents of a senior facility in California, displaying his commitment to the elderly population.

The Instagram caption reads: “Happy to announce my new venture @odomseniorcare Providing Affordable and Best-In-Class Care for Seniors.”

Odom’s commitment to seniors is further outlined on the Odom Senior Care website. The former Los Angeles Lakers star is partnering with Regency Palms, an already-established senior care facility with locations in Long Beach and Oxnard, California. However, Odom Senior Care has much larger aspirations. The goal is not only to work within southern California but to expand nationally, aiming “to provide seniors with pre-negotiated rates for a thousand communities nationwide.”

Services provided through Odom Senior Care include assistance with memory care, independent living, as well as both short- and long-term stays. Odom’s investment in this venture is more than just financial; it is deeply personal. He has expressed his challenges in finding suitable housing for his 96-year-old grandmother, Florence, who has resided in her Bronx, New York, apartment for seven decades. The difficulties of navigating the high costs of senior living, coupled with his grandmother’s attachment to her home, have fueled his passion for this project.

This initiative is another positive chapter in Odom’s life following some challenging years. In April of this year, he launched the Odom Recovery Group, aimed at connecting individuals struggling with addiction to proper treatment and care facilities. This organization was established seven years after Odom’s own harrowing experience with a drug-related hospitalization and coma.

Reflecting on his journey and the driving force behind these ventures, he told TMZ Live, as reported by Yahoo, “When God had saved me from that accident, I was trying to find my purpose — and I think I may have found it.”

Odom’s transition from NBA superstar and media personality to a compassionate advocate for seniors and those struggling with addiction marks a remarkable transformation. His commitment to improving lives and making a real difference is apparent in his recent endeavors. Odom Senior Care symbolizes not only a new business pursuit but a heartfelt mission to provide care and support for a community that often faces financial and logistical challenges. This venture adds another dimension to Odom’s evolving legacy, showing that his reach extends far beyond the basketball court.

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