New Solar Regulations Pitched by State Rep. DeLuca Include 500-Foot Home Setback

New Solar Regulations Pitched by State Rep. DeLuca Include 500-Foot Home Setback

Chicago Heights, IL – As commercial solar farms continue to grow in size and number, some homeowners are growing concerned about the impact on their properties and the environment. State Representative Anthony DeLuca has responded by introducing new legislation aimed at establishing a minimum buffer zone of 500 feet between homes and these large solar installations.

“In my discussions with residents of Will County, it’s evident that there is a strong concern about the potential for giant solar facilities being built just a stone’s throw from their homes,” DeLuca shared. “People are genuinely worried about the potential decline in property values and the unknown environmental repercussions. That’s why I’ve put forth this straightforward yet effective proposal that takes the needs and priorities of existing homeowners into account.”

The new piece of legislation, known as House Bill 4135, was filed on Monday and serves to amend current solar zoning laws. It grants counties the authority to extend the minimum distance for solar energy project setbacks. Previously, this distance ranged from 50 to 150 feet, but DeLuca’s bill pushes for a uniform 500-foot setback across the board. Notably, this regulation would only apply to large commercial solar projects, not to solar panels installed on private residences.

Currently, Rep. DeLuca stands as the sole sponsor of the bill, but he remains optimistic about garnering additional support.

“As much as we all appreciate the promise of solar energy, it’s essential that its development be managed in a thoughtful and responsible manner,” DeLuca added. “That means offering local governments the flexibility to tailor these projects to their communities’ specific needs and concerns. I’m eager to continue my discussions with Will County’s residents and local officials as we figure out the best way to integrate this new energy solution into our lives.”

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