Ohio Development Department Offers Utility Support

Ohio Development Department Offers Utility Support

The Ohio Department of Development stands as a pillar of support for Ohio residents, demonstrating a strong commitment to alleviating the burdens of excessive utility bills. This support spans a variety of utilities, including energy, electricity, and water, ensuring a comfortable standard of living is accessible to all, regardless of income.

  1. Home Energy Assistance Program: This cornerstone initiative provides significant relief to Ohio residents wrestling with high energy costs. Whether you are trying to keep your home cool during the summer or warm during the winter, the Home Energy Assistance Program is designed to provide you with the support you need. As a one-time assistance opportunity, this program can be a lifeline for families dealing with high seasonal energy costs.
  2. Summer Crisis Program: The sweltering summer months can lead to a significant spike in energy usage as Ohioans work to keep their homes cool. Understanding this, the Ohio Department of Development has designed the Summer Crisis Program, which runs from July to September. This initiative offers financial aid to households facing an energy crisis during the summer, ensuring the heat does not cause undue hardship.
  3. Winter Crisis Program: When winter sets in, heating costs can become a considerable burden. This program, operational from November through March, provides support to Ohio households at risk of having their heat disconnected or those who have already faced disconnection. Moreover, if your household has less than a 25 percent supply of bulk fuel, this program can help ensure you stay warm through the winter.
  4. Ohio Household Water Assistance Program: Recognizing the essential nature of clean water, this program has been implemented to aid eligible residents in managing their water bills. Operational through Sept. 30, 2023, this program works to guarantee access to clean, potable water for all Ohioans, irrespective of their financial situation.
  5. Percentage of Income Payment Plan: This innovative program is a game-changer for lower-income households. It allows eligible Ohio residents to pay their utility bills based on a percentage of their income, reducing the financial strain and making utilities more affordable.

While the eligibility criteria differ between programs, all require a household income at or below 175% of the federal poverty guidelines. More detailed information on eligibility requirements, and additional specifics about each program, can be accessed on the Ohio Department of Development website at development.ohio.gov.

For those Ohio residents wishing to apply for these energy assistance programs, applications can be filed online at development.ohio.gov/individual/energy-assistance. Keep in mind, some applications necessitate an appointment with an energy assistance provider. In Franklin County, these appointments can be arranged with Impact Community Action and The Breathing Association. Applications are also made accessible through energy assistance providers, local libraries, and the Franklin County Job and Family Services offices.

Through these robust initiatives, the Ohio Department of Development ensures that Ohioans are not left alone to combat excessive utility bills. These comprehensive programs aim to ensure basic utilities are affordable and accessible to all residents, reinforcing Ohio’s commitment to the welfare of its citizens.

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