Over 600 New Homes to Be Built Thanks to Latest IHIP Grant Winners

Over 600 New Homes to Be Built Thanks to Latest IHIP Grant Winners

In a significant move to bolster housing accessibility in Colorado, Governor Jared Polis recently unveiled the names of three groundbreaking recipients of the Innovative Housing Incentive Program (IHIP) grant. This noteworthy announcement advances the governor’s ongoing mission to make housing affordable for every Coloradan, by investing in pioneering companies dedicated to expanding housing opportunities in the state.

According to an official press release, this latest infusion of IHIP funding is poised to stimulate the construction of a remarkable 606 cost-effective housing units across various parts of Colorado. These new homes are not just numbers on a spreadsheet; they represent real, attainable opportunities for families, individuals, and communities to thrive.

Governor Polis passionately elaborated on the importance of this initiative: “The urgency for more housing options has never been more palpable. That’s why we’re launching this third installment of IHIP grants, aiming to kickstart the development of 600 new, affordably priced homes starting at just $300,000 each. These homes aren’t just bricks and mortar; they’re the building blocks of a stronger Colorado. They will invigorate our workforce, stimulate economic activity, and, most importantly, make it possible for our residents to live where they truly wish to be—whether that’s near their workplace, their children’s schools, or the communities they hold dear.”

This proactive measure underscores the state’s commitment to resolving the growing housing challenges exacerbated by various economic pressures, including the ongoing pandemic. By taking this decisive action, Governor Polis and his administration are not only providing immediate relief but also laying the cornerstone for a more sustainable and inclusive housing market in Colorado for years to come.

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