PathStone’s Home Restoration and Repair Assistance

PathStone's Home Restoration and Repair Assistance

If you’re a resident of the City of Rochester and require assistance with home repair grants, your local neighborhood service center is your first point of contact. For those residing in the Town of Irondequoit, you can reach out directly at 585-336-6021. If you live in any of the suburban areas, excluding Irondequoit, you should contact the Monroe County Home Improvement Program at 585-753-2000 for further assistance.

PathStone’s Home Rehabilitation and Energy Services team is dedicated to providing essential housing rehabilitation services to existing homeowners in the region. Their mission is to ensure that homeowners can access the necessary resources to improve and repair their homes.

PathStone collaborates with various state, federal, and other funding sources to offer grants and loans to low and moderate-income homeowners across Genesee, Monroe, Ontario, Orleans, and Wayne counties. These financial resources are aimed at facilitating crucial improvements and repairs to homes in need.

Upon acceptance into the program, a thorough inspection and assessment of the home are conducted to determine necessary repairs and identify any potential health hazards. The scope of improvements covers a broad spectrum, including lead paint hazard reduction, roof repairs, plumbing and electrical work, addressing code violations, resolving structural issues, as well as improvements to well, septic, and energy conservation measures.

One key requirement for participation in most programs is that homeowners must have occupied the residence for at least one year prior to applying for assistance. Additionally, participants typically commit to residing in the improved home for a duration ranging from 5 to 10 years, depending on the specific funding program and its associated terms.

By providing these comprehensive services and financial support, PathStone aims to create safer, healthier, and more energy-efficient living environments for homeowners while fostering stability and revitalization in the communities they serve.

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