Ready, Set, Apply! Tulsa’s Added Workshops Make Storm Recovery Grants Accessible!

Tulsa, Oklahoma – Extraordinary News, Tulsa! The City is amping up its efforts to help you bounce back from those devastating Father’s Day weekend storms by adding even more workshops! Yep, you heard that right. If you missed the first two sessions, this is your golden ticket to get all the help you need to apply for those coveted storm recovery grants.

Why the extra workshops, you ask? Well, the turnout for the initial events was downright impressive. Tulsans flocked to them, and the City took note. They’re committed to ensuring that everyone has the chance to get the financial support they need for storm cleanup and repair work.

Hold onto your hats! These grants can be a game-changer. We’re talking up to $7,500 for each applicant to tackle home repairs from storm-related damages. And this isn’t just a patch-up job—this could mean critical roof repairs, electrical work, plumbing fixes, and HVAC maintenance. The goal is straightforward: making the grant application process as easy as pie for all Tulsans.

Krystal Reyes, Tulsa’s Chief Resilience Officer, spilled the beans on the workshop’s impact. “This was an uncharted territory for us, the first time the City of Tulsa ever organized an event of this kind. Surprisingly, we had about 100 locals step into the library where we held the first session. A whopping 25% walked out with a future appointment to take their grant process to the next level!”

The vibe from participants? Super positive. Reyes added, “I think the best part was how thankful people were to have information provided in multiple languages. We want to keep that ball rolling and ensure our future workshops are just as accommodating.”

Ready to mark your calendars? Two more workshops are on the horizon. Swing by Zarrow Regional Library from 3 to 5 p.m. this upcoming Tuesday. Can’t make it? No sweat. There’s another one on September 28 at the Rudisill Regional Library from 5 to 7 p.m.

Before you rush out the door, a few house rules—literally! To be eligible for the grant, you need to own the home in question, reside outside of any floodplains, and of course, be within the Tulsa city limits.

Get ready, Tulsa. This is your chance to rebuild and recover like never before!

Chris has been in the marketing industry for well over a decade. Chris loves writing about anything related to saving money. A passion for teaching people through writing has given him a unique opportunity to use his skills in the marketing industry. In his spare time he likes spending time with his family. training his new puppy, and taking long road trips to places like Banff & Lake Louise, Alberta.
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