Refinance Program Offers Up To $350/Month House Payment Reduction, You Can Check In 2 Minutes If You Qualify

Happy Mortgage Couple

Millions of homeowners are getting huge savings on their monthly mortgage bill and not surprisingly banks aren’t too happy about that. Some programs even allow you to refinance without the standard fees one would occur in a traditional refinance.  

When homeowners visit they are surprised to find out they qualify for an easy refinance program that lowers their mortgage to astonishingly low rates and can reduce their mortgage payment up to $350/month.

Homeowners that owe less than $625,000 will likely qualify for this brilliant refinance program, Rate and Term Refinance (RTR) , that has already saved the American homeowner thousands in mortgage payments by reducing their monthly payment by an average of 20%.

Most homeowners will qualify for this program and the process is very simple. If you want to lower your mortgage payments, pay off your mortgage faster or get some extra needed cash out, this program will allow you to do just that!

Rate and Term Refinance is an easy program that reduces your mortgage payment up to $350/month. See if you qualify »

Sadly, same people think this program is “too good to be true” or only available to people in need of assistance. This is not true, Rate and Term Refinance is designed for ALL homeowners and to date has reduced mortgage payments for millions of Americans. Moreover, homeowners with good credit see even greater savings!

If you want to lower your mortgage payments or eliminate years off your mortgage, it’s crucial that you act now. You may even take some cash out of your home to help you with paying off debts, bills, home renovations, your child’s education, or that much needed vacation.

Main benefits if you act today:

  • Save up to 20% on your monthly payment. Example: If your payment is $1,750/Month, that cuts $350 off.)
  • Eliminate years off your mortgage and save monthly
  • Take cash out for home improvements, paying off debts, or for college tuition.
Chris has been in the marketing industry for well over a decade. Chris loves writing about anything related to saving money. A passion for teaching people through writing has given him a unique opportunity to use his skills in the marketing industry. In his spare time he likes spending time with his family. training his new puppy, and taking long road trips to places like Banff & Lake Louise, Alberta.
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