Solar Panels by CertainTeed Now Come with a 25-Year Warranty, Covering Both Roof and Solar

Solar Panels by CertainTeed Now Come with a 25-Year Warranty, Covering Both Roof and Solar

In a competitive and rapidly expanding solar market, CertainTeed is taking a bold step to differentiate itself by offering a comprehensive 25-year “Wrap Warranty” on its newly-released Solstice solar panels. This innovative warranty package promises to provide complete peace of mind to customers, addressing some of the most common concerns in the industry.

All-Encompassing Protection

Traditional warranties often separate coverage for different components, creating potential gaps and complexities in service claims. CertainTeed’s Wrap Warranty breaks from tradition by covering all major system components, along with their installation. This includes unique protection for workmanship by contractors, even if those contractors are no longer in business.

Responding to Market Trends

According to Providence Research, the global rooftop solar PV market is on a steep upward trajectory, with projections of reaching around USD 398.3 billion by 2030. In the US, interest in solar power systems for residential, commercial, and industrial applications has surged, driven in part by tax credits in the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. In an industry where product reliability and customer trust are paramount, CertainTeed’s comprehensive warranty places it ahead of competitors.

Tailored for Diverse US Climates

CertainTeed’s state-of-the-art Solstice solar panels are designed to perform across various environmental conditions. Whether installed in a scorching desert or a freezing mountainous region, these panels are versatile enough to adapt. They can be fitted with either new or existing asphalt shingle roofs, and when installed with a CertainTeed roof, the entire system enjoys protection under one company.

Technical Specifications and Features

The Solstice 400 W half-cell mono-crystalline panel stands out with its 20.5% efficiency, black grid back sheet, 0.35% temperature coefficient, and a maximum system voltage of 1,500 V. Its frame is crafted from black anodized aluminum, adding to its aesthetic appeal.

The Wrap Warranty: Peace of Mind Defined

CertainTeed’s Wrap Warranty offers a blend of product and performance guarantees, promising customers that their investment will continue to deliver for decades to come. This warranty not only covers solar panels but extends to other essential elements such as inverters, racking systems, and other critical components.

Along with the solar system warranty, CertainTeed ensures that the roof’s integrity is maintained during the solar panel installation process with its comprehensive roof warranty. For commercial customers, CertainTeed also offers the option of renewing their aging roofs with SMARTCOAT liquid-applied roof restoration systems, synchronizing 25-year warranties for both the low-slope roof and rooftop solar system.

A Bold Move in a Competitive Landscape

CertainTeed’s innovative approach to warranties signifies a significant shift in the solar industry, addressing many concerns that potential solar customers might have. By offering end-to-end coverage, including scenarios where the original contractor is no longer available, CertainTeed is setting a new standard in customer assurance. It is a reflection of the company’s commitment to quality, performance, and customer satisfaction. The Wrap Warranty is more than a policy; it’s a symbol of CertainTeed’s promise to stand by its products and customers, making the transition to renewable energy a smooth and confident choice.

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