Solar Power Initiative Launched by Kansas City Nonprofit to Assist Low-Income Households

Kansan Solar Enegy

Jerusalem Farm, a nonprofit organization based in Kansas City, Missouri, is renowned for its home repair assistance programs in the Northeast community. Expanding their efforts, they have launched a new solar power initiative called “Empower the Northeast.” This program aims to provide eligible homeowners with cost-saving solar panels, completely free of charge.

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Adam Rossi, the sustainability coordinator at Jerusalem Farm, explains the purpose behind this initiative, stating that by enabling low-income homeowners to access solar panel systems, it will lead to long-term savings for them. The positive impact on energy bills is particularly significant for homeowners who face financial challenges. One program participant, Eliseth Vasquez, expresses her excitement about the prospect of reducing her energy bill, emphasizing the financial obstacles many face in saving money given the current cost of living.

Through the acquisition of private grants, Jerusalem Farm has secured $220,000, enabling them to install solar panels in 20 households in the Northeast community later this year. With a vision to expand the program, the organization plans to partially fund future projects through the sale of specialty license plates. They aim to collect 200 signatures from individuals in Missouri who are interested in obtaining the specialty license plates. The funds generated from these license plate sales will offset the costs associated with applying for the program. Additionally, for every 40 license plates sold, $1,000 will be generated to support the installation of solar systems.

To meet the requirement of 200 signatures, the organization must collect them by June 30 in order to be considered for the 2024 legislative session. Jerusalem Farm is also seeking artists to help design the specialty license plates, and the selected design will be eligible to win a prize of $500.

It’s important to note that the Empower the Northeast program is exclusively available to residents living in the Northeast community and is based on financial need. Before selecting a home for solar panel installation, a comprehensive site visit is conducted to assess factors such as solar potential, roof condition, weatherization, and electrical systems, ensuring feasibility and optimal benefits for the chosen residences. Jerusalem Farm is dedicated to providing sustainable solutions and empowering Northeast homeowners through their solar power initiative.

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