The Deadline for $284,000 in Story County Home Repair Grants is Near

Story County home repair grants

The deadline for agencies and cities to apply for Story County home repair grants worth $284,000.00 is quickly approaching. This funding is for agencies, communities, or organizations to implement the owner-occupied repair programs. The funding, which comes from the Story County Housing Trust Fund, can be used for everything from electrical to plumbing repairs in owner-occupied homes. According to Story County Housing Trust Fund Chair and Ames City Councilmember Amber Corrieri, agencies and localities are requested to apply for funding and then authorize cash for individuals. The Story County Housing Trust (SCHT) is a non-profit organization and a designated Housing Trust Fund by the Iowa Finance Authority for Story County. The goal of the SCHT is to improve affordable housing in Story County. 

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The application deadline is April 4, but according to Story County Supervisor Linda Murken “The Trust Fund will have comparable award possibilities in the near future”. The maximum grant per household is $8,000.00, except for septic tank requests, which have a maximum of $12,000.00. The funds can be used for emergency repairs, fixes that would prevent substantial replacement or repairs that have been postponed while priority concerns are resolved.

“Homeownership is the ongoing maintenance and cost and that can dig you in deep,” County Outreach and Special Projects Manager Leanne Harter said. “It can spiral out of control sometimes.”
Applying cities and agencies will be notified of their approval or denial by April 19. Any unspent funds granted by the Housing Trust can be reclaimed by the board. For more information visit Questions can be directed to Andrew Collings at 515-334-0075 or [email protected].

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