Survey Reveals Massive Backing for Solar Power Among Pennsylvanians

Survey Reveals Massive Backing for Solar Power Among Pennsylvanians

The Fulton County Medical Center Foundation (FCMCF), located in McConnellstown, Pennsylvania, has proudly announced its receipt of a substantial $61,500 grant from the West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund (WPPSEF). This valuable funding will enable FCMCF to carry out an extensive ASHRAE Level 2 energy audit, perform targeted retro-commissioning measures, and introduce the implementation of the innovative SkySpark web software at the Fulton County Medical Center (FCMC).

The Level II Energy Audit, recognized as a comprehensive examination of energy usage and efficiency, will involve several detailed steps. These include a thorough review of utility bills to understand the current energy expenditure, a comprehensive breakdown of energy consumption by various use types within the facility, and the provision of a prioritized and monetized list of Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM). These EEMs will outline actionable steps to reduce energy usage and enhance energy efficiency.

An exciting feature of this initiative is the implementation of SkySpark, a state-of-the-art Building Automation System software. This powerful tool will overlay the existing infrastructure and provide continuous monitoring and maintenance of energy savings, ensuring long-term benefits from the initial audit and adjustments.

The team at Envinity shares the enthusiasm surrounding this progressive project. Once the initial work concludes, FCMC predicts an impressive decrease of approximately 11 percent in their annual electric costs. In addition, by identifying and addressing energy usage issues from the audit, FCMC can strategically plan future energy efficiency improvement projects, making them pioneers in sustainable healthcare infrastructure.

FCMC’s President and CEO, Mike Makosky, FACHE, expressed his gratitude towards WPPSEF for their vital support in the energy audit and EEM implementation. He praised the fund’s effort in cultivating a culture of energy sustainability throughout rural Pennsylvania. Recognizing the recent challenges faced by medical centers and nursing homes, Makosky reiterated their dedication to looking toward the future.

He said, “We continue to care for our community during their time of need, so it’s paramount we ensure our facility and team are prepared to face whatever challenges come our way. We believe our patients, residents, and staff deserve nothing but the best. The adoption of energy innovation even in rural places like ours is a testament to that belief.” This embodies FCMC’s commitment to sustainability, innovation, and top-quality care for their community.

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